UTON m. 75 - 0001

It was probably produced only 1500 pieces of knives UTON 0001 series, and the vast majority was destroyed during testing and training. Only a minimum of pieces survives, and therefore is the most valuable uton in the collection for the most of collectors. 
ATTENTION!  There are signs that someone wants to forge and hammer utons and give out them as a series 0001. There is why here are detailed pictures, let everyone see how the original looks, and don´t bluff himself.  Thumb prop is the same as in 0002 series and the false edge is sharpenedmore to handle as well as a in 0002 series. You can read more about details among the series here .

UTON 0001 with sparkling number 11

You can see one of the few surviving pieces of series uton 0001 in these pictures. There are sparkling number 11 at the blade.  This unused Uton 0001 was saved preserved d in the first type sheath. This sheath has small iron rivets and two pads. It is marked by year the 1976. The sheath in the picture is interesting for its kin dots. They are riveted 180 degrees opposite than they should be.

UTON 0001 in petrolatum jelly:

UTON 0001 embossed on the left side of blade:

This unused uton 0001 embossed by some mistake on the left side of the blade is an exception and you will probably never come across it.  It is the only piece by then of which the collectors know.



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