The development and use:

Since 1997, the depth recon unit uses attack knife branded 1-F-97 Falco. The knife is currently used at the 102nd reconnaissance battalion in the Prostějov and it is part of sign to formation. Knife is patented and the soldiers pays it themselves. Falco is made of spring steel 14260. The handle is made of leather rings which are constricted with threaded cap. The steel cap has a 4mm diameter gap for a lanyard.


On the left side of the blade is the Latin inscription “Spem Retine”, which means “Never lose hope”.  On the right side of the blade is the logo of creator and manufacturer of knife and a numerical sign D-000-08.  That means: D is the series, 000 is the serial number of the knife in the series and 08 is the year of manufacture 2008 . At the bottom of the blade is a saw designed to cut parachute rope. At the top of the blade is a thumb prop.  Between the blade and the handle is one-sided steel shroud.  Falco was made by Lubomír Maďarič from Brno.


The sheath is made of black natural leather of the five layers  together and insured by six rivets.  One layer leather thickness is 3mm.  Sheath has except the classical opening also a “running safety” with which the knife does not move while running or with a sheath with knife clipped to tactical vest with handle down.  Sheath has at the back side except the classical loop for waistbelt, also the underside loop, throught which can be sheath attached such as the femoral sheath  carrier or to the leg using rope or a belt.  On the front side of the sheath is embossed logo 102nd recon  battalion and on the back of the belt loop is the manufacturer’s sheath logo – company Hess Brno. You can see more detailed sheath pictures HERE .


Total length of knife: 300 mm
Blade lenght: 170 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade width: 29 mm
Handle length: 130 mm
Handle thickness: 22,5 mm
Spring steel: 14260



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