Knife VO-7


Knife V0-7 was in armory since the fiftieth to the 1975, when it was replaced by UTON.  The producer was company Sandrik.

Production variations:

Knife VO-7 was made in diverse variations:
a) with wooden grip
b) with greenly lacquered aluminum grip
c) in a gift or souvenir design as the piece with organic glass grip and sign of practise „Vltava“ in 1966 on sheath.

Blade is one knife-edge. Blade crest is deeply edged by the point to bowie shape and there is crest edged to sham edge at this point. There is a gap in the middle of the grip, which is a socket for blade spindle finished with thread. There is round tap on the upper grip flat, into which is embed fixing nut. Strut is oval of steel sheet. Sheath is whole made of leather and there are leather reinforcements on both sides to its end point. Sheath is sew through and secure with strong rivet by its circumference. There is safety lead with metal fastening on hanging sheath part. There is spiked lead through the loop on the sheath back side because of thread through belt. We know two types of sheaths. The first type was made of smooth leather and the second type was made of rough and scurfy leather. We can differentiate sheaths by quantity of rivets. The lead for threading through belt is spiked with two or three rivets as you can see on the pictures in the section:TYPE


Knife length: 270 mm
Blade length: 151 mm
Blade width: 21 mm
Crest blade width: 3,5 mm




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