The company also developed the Aqua Centre Prague in 1985, throwing stars called “rotary”.  Should be addressed to the troop units, and special-depth exploration CSLA. With effective use of the throw was envisaged to 7 meters, gave the badge to be used as a spike. After the divide from the individual components produce a spike to give spring traps or spears.

Rotary are composed of two arms of a rhomboid-shaped, screw and nut and nylon washers.  Rotary arm strength is 4.5 mm.  At the end of the arms is rough finish for easier grip and to reduce the risk of slipping through my fingers during the boom. Before using the arms of the star perpendicular angles to each other and provide mid-tighten the screw on tightly. The arms are arms of 280 mm and 28 mm wide, blade length is 60mm and weight of star-free housing is 350 grams. The rotary were supplied from natural leather pouch with snap stud.



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