BONUS type 85


“Military offensive Knife Special” alias BONUS was intended as personal weapon and as multi-use tool for Czechoslovakian army special forces.

Developement and knife production:

Bonus type 85 was developed by company Aquacentrum Praha in 1985. It replaced the knife Piloun, which was used by police and army scuba
divers. Blade knife is made of high-guality resident steel AK5. It is flat and reciprocally edged and from one side with saw-like blade.
On the end of the knife is slide for safety string. Hilt is made of rubber plastic and there are rouben by crosswise grooves on the hilt
sides. You can see the steel slot of Bonus on the photo in section TYPE,
its proportions are 295 x 35 x 5 mm.

Army type of knife BONUS has sharp spike and its blade was mordanted, so that don´t flash back the light and don´t shimmer. Bonus was made
for civil market as well and the different was in dull spike, which was used as graver, screwdriver, spade etc. while diving.
There was type also for rescuers. This type had glossy blade with sharp spike and the differnet was only in red rubber hilt
(nowadays this type is rarely). Hard knife testing approved that you can stab wooden board strong 15-20mm with no problems or you can stab
sheet steel strong 1mm or you can cut cable to avg 20mm and cut through sheet steel to strong 3mm.


There were more types of knives Bonus sheaths. The best known and most used are rubber sheaths with sign aquacentrum. The least known
and used is leather sheath, It is natural brown color leather. Knives Bonus were provided for army test with these sheaths. The camouflage
sheath made of plastic and nylon is the other type of sheaths. Army has these sheaths with knives Bonus type 85 in their NZ storage. There
are more information and pictures of sheaths in section SHEATHS.


Knife length:: 292 mm
Blade lenght: 148 mm
Blade width:: 34 mm
Blade thickness: 3,7 mm
Knife weight: 270 g
Steel: Poldi AK5



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