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This web  is closely concerned with knives of  ČSLA (Czechoslovakian National Army) and AČR (Czech Republic Army). There are not enough information altogether on the internet, there are not mainly enough high-quality pictures. That is why we decided to made this website. On our website you are finding exhaustive information about these knifes, as well as high-quality and high-definition photographs of the major part of our military knives: Prototypes, Uton m. 75, Bonus m. 85, V07, Rotary, Cutlass m. 52, Bayonet m. 58, Piloun, Falco, Cháron, Grab, Geronimo, Griphon, Lupus, Votan, Styx, Bon, pocket-knives and the whole equipment. We are completing this web consecutively by parachutist´s and recon´s equipment of ČSLA. Our purpose is to set up wide and well-arranged picture gallery of whole accessible accessories, which our parachutist were using during their training.

If you have any questions, suggestion or you just want to get rid of something we mention here, don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We are grateful for any piece of information and pictures, which will help further expand these sites.



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